When I told my son that the fifth book in the Mama B series was being published, he replied, “How many times is she going to help these people?” (Leave it to your own child to give a new perspective, right?)

But his question made me think: How many times will Mama B help people? Does there come a point in our lives when it’s time to stop helping? Time to stop sharing the love of God?  Time to focus only on ourselves and our own happiness? I don’t think so. That’s not the point of life in Christ.

The beauty of life in Him is that what we do flows from His loving Spirit within us. What looks like a whole lot of work to others is really just an extension of the life of Christ. Mama B’s natural personality doesn’t necessarily always want to house people who are going through tough times, but she can’t deny The Savior’s influence upon her heart. She has to help people. It’s more than her nature–it’s her Essence.

I pray that Mama B#5: A Time for War will be a shining example that no matter how young or old you are, your life can be used for His glory 😉