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Every writer I know has several ideas floating around in their heads. Sometimes, these ideas and characters keep me up throughout the night. One of the benefits of being in a critique group, teaching writing classes, and communicating with other writers online is that I get to bounce ideas around before I start writing.


In a spirit of collaboration, I’d like to hear your thoughts about these ideas and hear some ideas you’ve got bouncing around, too!

Hope – She’s a typical “Superwoman” who’s in love with a guy who has been stringing her along for the longest time. When he finally told her had something really important to ask her, she thought he was going to pop the question. Unfortunately, the “big question” was a request to borrow money. I got that idea from watching an episode of Judge Mathis. It was hilarious but sad. I think I’m gonna do a series with Hope eventually.

Rev. Brown – He’s a man who was married multiple times in the past. He has 3 daughters from those relationships (3 different mothers). He’s a changed man in Christ and he’s trying to reconcile with his daughters, but it’s not easy. The daughters are also struggling through life because they have Daddy issues. This idea is not necessarily “new” but I’ve been studying the orphan spirit in preparation for exploring this topic deeply through fiction. Not sure when it will happen, but it’s on my heart.

A Mean Prophetess – I’m still trying to figure out if she really is mean or if that’s what people think of her because she does what Old Testament prophets do—she warns people before destruction and they don’t like it. I still have to research this, though, because I’m not sure what New Testament prophets are called to do. Is it different now that believers have the Holy Spirit to teach us? How can she warn people without condemning them? Is she really a prophet or is she just a mean, judgmental person who needs to learn humility underneath that title?

Mama B # 6 – I think I’d like to see Mama B and Frank on a cruise or in some place other than their house. I’ve been thinking about making Mama B a sleuth (which is what happened with her Caucasian quasi-counterpart, Miss Julia), but I have to read up on that series to study the transition.

Blotted – this is a different genre (Fantasy? Sci-fi? Adventure?) This book is about teen who knows whose name has been blotted out of the Book of Life. I’ve got a few chapters already. My son liked it. This is his genre, so I’ll probably finish it soon, but I don’t think it will end up being a short story. I still need to find out if there’s a difference between the Book of Life and the Lamb’s Book of Life in scripture.

Historical Fiction – this one will probably be a short story, too. Late 1800s. An African-American girl who’s who is in training to become a midwife but she doesn’t want this destiny. Something goes wrong during the birth of a white woman’s baby…that’s where the trouble starts. This will probably be a short story, too.

Deon Jackson – this is an 8-year-old boy who has ADHD. The family dynamics change when his grandfather (who has Alzheimer’s) come to live with them. My son didn’t like it. But Tia McCollors’s son is reading my first few chapters to let me know if it’s remotely interesting.

[*Note – nothing I write ever turns out the way I plan it—and even if it did, no two writers would write the story identically. Every writer has his/her own voice, so I don’t worry about people “stealing” my ideas. What God has for me is for me.]

So…which idea piques your interest? Any suggestions? Are you a writer, too? Who’s dancing around in your head?