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Are you multi-talented? Do you have, like, a TON of things you can do well? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. I’m a firm believer that if you’re faithful with your gifts, you get the chance to use even more (Luke 12:48).

Hands working on pottery wheel ,  retro style toned

An artist is always thinking of ways to express creativity. When I break between projects, I pick up little fun things that keep my creative juices flowing.


Scripture Bracelets

Scripture Bracelets – I started making these in 2006 to keep the word in my face constantly. Later, my daughter and I started making these. It was a bonding activity for us. However, when she turned 16 she got a “real” job that paid more than Momma. Now, I just make them when I get the chance.

Acting – In the last few months, I’ve received 2 invitations to make cameo appearances in plays. I’m in!


Drawing of my daughter

Drawing – I drew this one of my daughter when she was 2 years old. I can’t draw mouths well, so I put a pacifier in her mouth. Hey – it worked. She always had the binky in her mouth anyway!

Exercise Video – When I tell people about my exercise video that only consists of words and music, they crack up! Who needs somebody on the screen if you already know the moves in your head?

Yes, this is the screenshot of the video. My favorite songs play. I know what to do!

Creating Book Covers – I dabbled in this last year and actually sold several of my pre-made designs. What I’ve learned, however, is that I’m really not that good at custom designs yet. It’s far too time-consuming for me at this point in my development. I think I still have 2 more that I’ve agreed to do, but I gotta slow down and perfect some things for now.


By the way, these pre-made covers are available for $50 each! Email (stimpson.michelle at gmail.com) me if you want one!

What about you? How do you scratch that creative itch?