It’s happening. I’m running out of room for my books, journals, and professional materials. All available bookshelves are full. Several closets are full of books. My Momma would pop me if she knew of these shenanigans in the Stimpson household…

photo 3     photo 2     photo 1

The thing is, I’m okay with books covering all the “stacking” space so long as they’re not on the floor. They can be in rows a mile high, and I’m just fine. But I have crossed the line. I now have books on the floor. THE FLOOR! (The horror!)


But what’s a reader to do? I’ve already given some books away, donated some or organizations, and I’ve even sold some that I really didn’t need anymore to Half-Price Books. (Nevermind the fact that while I was there, I bought more books.)

So I’ve been thinking. Maybe I need to do something creative with all of these books. Build a never-ending bookshelf—or at least one that can hold several dozen books.

Here are some ideas and my thoughts:

I like this one, but I don’t like the idea of having so much weight hanging on a wall.

I have no idea where this would go in my house, but I like it.

Mr. Stimpson would not be happy, though.

This I could definitely do. 

But for real, this is probably what I need for the long run: 

I have GOT to get this under control one day soon. I don’t y’all to have to come dig me out of a book avalanche. Pray for me!

Now I have to ask: Where do you keep all of your physical books? Feel free to post comments and even add pics to the Black Christian Reads Facebook page!