Well, folks, it has finally happened. Being holed up for hours at a time writing has changed my sense of fashion completely. I’ve gotten to the point where I pretty much only buy clothes and shoes that are comfortable on my body and feet. I rarely wear belts. I only wear heels when I know I’ll have the option of sitting down. Baseball-style hats abound in my closet.

Recently, I went so far as to buy a muu-muu, as though my onesie pajamas weren’t comfortable enough.


The Muu Muu

And you know what? I really enjoy them both. I can see right now that if I weren’t married, I would have already “let myself go” all the way, for real.

But wait—is “letting myself go” a bad thing? Maybe myself isn’t “going” so much as it’s “coming home” to the Michelle who (despite a great deal of public speaking) is actually quite a loner and very much a home-body. Honestly, I try to schedule all of my out-of-the-house business to be accomplished one or two days so that I can reduce the number of times I have to comb my hair in a week.


Yaay for Mommy jeans! LOL!

I have turned into the woman who doesn’t care if my jeans are classified as “Mommy” jeans because…well…I am somebody’s Mommy. I’m not trying to look 20 again because…well…I’m not 20 nor would I ever want to be 20 again. And I’m not trying to look “sexy” everywhere I go because…well…the word “sexy” literally means “arousing sexual energy” and I’m really not trying to do that for total strangers in Wal-Mart.


(Sigh.) These are just the musings of a writer who has another birthday coming up next week. The older I get, the more comfortable I become in my own skin, the less I care what anyone thinks. The more I see God’s love for me, the greater the desire to perfect what He counts as beauty. This is good.

I know it matters how I look to my husband and how I present myself as a speaker in a world where people do evaluate others based on appearance. And I do like wearing a cute outfit here and there. But the truth is: Because of the indwelling Holy Spirit, I’m beautiful from the inside out no matter what I’m wearing. For that, I’m grateful.

* * * * *

So what’s up with you and your fashion sense? Has it changed over the years? Do you enjoy getting made up and wearing stylish clothes? Has your faith impacted your wardrobe in any way? Would you wear pajamas everywhere if they were socially and professionally acceptable? LOL! Let me know!