Hello, Friends and Family!

I hope that you will…no, I beseech you to check out my latest release – War Room Strategies: Developing Effective Prayers for God’s Glory. 

Hear me: This is a WORKBOOK!

Not just something to read and nod about. Not for entertainment. It is for digging into God’s Kingdom agenda for your life and those you intercede for, digging into the Word, and actually fighting the enemy (offensively & defensively) in a strategic way through word-based, faith-filled, well-planned, effectual & fervent prayer.

This workbook is available as an ebook on just about every ebook platform for FREE (though you will still need the pages to write out your prayers). The download at WarriorWives.Club is also FREE and includes the prayer pages. You can print them for yourself and put the copies in a 3-ring notebook, your journal, or wherever you record your prayers. (If you have never done this before, welcome to a new level of victory!)

If you would rather order a bound copy that is ready to use, you can get it HERE.

I’m starting to get the texts and inboxes about how this book is changing people’s prayer lives, bringing wisdom, causing major spiritual breakthrough – I am honored and amazed myself that He used me to write it!

Now I’m about to go in, in love – you ready? Here it goes: I just can’t stand by any more and watch believers pray amiss (if we are praying at all). God is gracious and merciful to forgive what we don’t know, obviously, but there is hardly an excuse for us to not know in a world filled with so many resources. I mean, if you are reading this right now, you are on the Internet and have the ability to find out what you need to know. Wisdom screams in the streets (Proverbs 1:20)!

And since the Lord has allowed the technology for such a time as this and led so many teachers and pastors to make information and resources available for FREE, there is no reason for anyone to not get an understanding of what is happening in the spiritual realm and what our place is in it. Quiet as it’s kept: What’s happening all around is us part 2. We need to get involved at part 1 – on the spiritual level!

I love you. I NEED you. The Kingdom NEEDS us all in our places doing what we have been called to do, not distracted by all these other things that keep pressing in on us. A lot of the stuff we’re dealing with would cower if we offered it even the slightest bit of resistance in the spiritual realm. So if your marriage is facing attack, if your kids are facing attack (can I get an amen?), if your mind is facing attack with memory problems, depressive episodes, addiction to entertainment, issues you thought you had dealt with a long time ago–WHATEVER! Don’t just sit back and let it happen. Speaking to you and myself: Turn on The Light and end the pity party (Psalm 119:130). Stop looking for other “transparent” believers to show their “struggles” so we can bond in the frailty of human existence. Find some people who are free and bond in the Victory of Life in Christ! 

And don’t keep praying that same old, “God, if you could just do something about this,” prayer. First of all, God doesn’t “just” do anything. When He does something, it’s done to the utmost. Like the time He left much power in the hands of believers after Jesus died and rose from cross. There is no need to beg God to do what He has already given us the power to accomplish by Christ through faith.

Our God is Greater. He is Stronger. And He has given us everything we need in His word. Christ is the Living Word, and He already lives in you. Let Him shine!

In His Love,