I  know, I know…it’s a different kind of title. (Thankfully, my husband is still alive – we’re looking forward to celebrating our 24th anniversary soon!)

But this story, Who Killed My Husband, did make me look at relationships differently. Believe it or not, we are not in control of the entire universe. And we can pray effectually, but we don’t always immediately see things the way God sees them. Even the prophet Elisha was stumped by why God didn’t reveal something to him ahead of time–and he was truly close to the Lord! (2 Kings 4:27)

My main character, Ashley Crandall, is growing in her relationship with the Lord while it seems her husband, Allan, is not. He doesn’t even look like he’s trying to grow in the knowledge of Christ. Their marriage was recently shaken by the loss of their only child, which has placed yet another wedge between them.

This fast-paced story starts with the death of Ashley’s husband but ends with a lesson about life that she’ll never forget…and I hope you won’t forget the lesson, either!