Hello everyone! Whew! I know it’s been a while since I published a Mama B book – two years, actually. I can’t believe it took me THAT long to return to her wisdom, her wit, and the characters. I missed them tremendously, but I truly had a bunch of other stuff come up over these past years. Not the least of which is my sweet granddaughter.


She’s growing up!

This one here keeps me busy – in a good way! Watching her grow up through a grandmother’s eyes is something for which I’m truly grateful.

I also accepted a full-time, grant-funded position working with teachers to create and share research-based lessons. It’s a lot of fun and very gratifying, but it’s also a lot of work because of the “grant” status. I’ve made some new friends and gotten a chance to view teaching and learning in a different light. I’ll decide when the grant is over if I’m ready to stay in full-time get-up-and-comb-your-hair-every-day world!

Anyhow, now that THE WAIT IS OVER, Mama B is back with Frank, Son, Debra Kay, and some new characters that I hope you’ll enjoy as well.

Mama B: A Time for Peace finds Mama B away from Peasner, TX, in unfamiliar surroundings and out of her usual schedule. Though Mama B has a strong relationship with the Lord, the stresses of life outside her normal routine cause her to lose sight of things and lean to her own understanding rather than consult with the Lord about every matter.

This, of course, is something I’m dealing with in real-time right now! The changing of life-seasons, a new schedule, working with new people, splitting time between writing and working outside of home–these are all things that compete for my attention. And, like Mama B, I have had to make my “prayer closet” mobile, stealing away for quiet moments at lunch, in my car, or whenever I can grab them.


The mobile prayer closet!

I know we are to pray unceasingly (which is something I am learning all the more, too). But the quiet, uninterrupted, dedicated time alone with God is so sweet to me. I NEED IT!

I pray that my story and Mama B’s latest adventure will encourage you to live life in the fullness of Christ wherever you might go, whatever you might find yourself doing!


Mama B: A Time for Peace