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Hey there!

I hope this blog post finds you all transitioning into a wonderful spring!

Well, this post isn’t about books or writing. It’s about something I’ve been asked to share based on a Facebook post I made on my birthday last week. It was about my recent weight loss (43.6 pounds in 3 months) and change in eating.


For the record, I think my daughter’s camera made me look skinnier than I am – LOL!

Several people tagged me and inboxed me asking for details about my experience with Intermittent Fasting (IF) and exactly what I’ve done. So instead of responding individually, I thought I’d just write a blogpost and share with everyone.

Let me first say that I am not a dietician, health expert, lawyer, doctor, or anybody who is any authority to give you medical advice. Take this as a personal testimonial and consult with a physician as you would before starting any diet.

How it started for me

My issue with fitness was not necessarily eating too much or even emotional eating. I just ate way too much fast food, and I ate at irregular intervals. Something else that probably contributed to gaining weight for me was a partial hysterectomy in late 2016. Though that procedure is not “supposed” to cause weight gain, umm….it did for me. I would eat my normal diet and still gain weight. Not a lot of weight at once, but, say, half a pound a month. I wasn’t so much concerned about my health (I believe my health is in Christ), I was concerned about my level of fitness and what that slight but steady weight gain would mean for me over time.

Well, in December of 2017, I started doing Alternate-Day-Fasting (ADF) which is a form of Intermittent Fasting (IF). Basically, the way I do ADF has been to eat low-carb foods on “feed” days.

Tips & Advice

Side effects I’ve experienced: Bad breath, heartburn, insomnia, and the interesting phenomenon of how people reacted when I told them I was fasting–as in NOT EATING for a whole day–every other day. 

If you’d like more, detailed information about my Intermittent Fasting journey, please download my book from the Amazon store. It’s FREE for Amazon Prime users, only 99¢ for all others!