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Hello there!

I hope you are enjoying Spring wherever you are. It’s beauty surprises me every year. No matter what’s happening in the world, who’s being investigated, who’s fighting whom, or what dangers lurk ahead, the flowers remind me that He is yet on the throne!

Speaking of fresh beginnings, I hope you’ll enjoy meeting Ms. Frenchie Davenport, the main character in a new series of books I’m co-authoring with CaSandra McLaughlin. The series is called “Magnolia Gardens”, which is the name of the senior living facility where Frenchie recently moved. She’ll meet a cast of characters who will become her new family. They’re really not the problem. It’s her “old” family that’s causing all the issues! What’s she to do about a grown son who thinks he’s entitled to her money? And what about the daughter who rarely keeps in touch? These are the kinds of things we face as we age and our loved ones age, too.

You can check out the video of Cassandra and I talking about this series here. (Note: We’ve been told that we’re quite a team on camera as well!)

I pray that this series will be a blessing to you and that you’ll grow to love the characters as much as we do!

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