Hello There!

It’s 2020. Can you believe it?

I want to thank you all for hanging in there with me. Aside from my supportive family who have known me all my life, I’ve known some of my now-online folks since elementary school. Some I know through Jarvis Christian College, some from work in education. Many of you have been hanging with me since LaShondra met Stelson in Boaz Brown. Others came along when Mama B helped out at the church. We might have met when Stanley (Deacon Brown’s Daughters) started acting right.

So many of you say such kind things to me online and inbox me little pictures and encouraging words. That people would take time out of their busy days to write reviews and tell friends about my books and re-post sell-links, invite people to signings and workshops…it all matters to me.

Some of you know that these past few years have been rough for me. My mom, my grandmother, and a co-worker with whom I worked closely transitioned. Even Mi-Mi (my 15-year old “writing dog”) passed away in 2018. I think I spent 2019 in a peaceful stillness, learning how to view this next season differently. I let a lot of projects drop. Honestly, I needed to. (I know you all understand.) But I say all of that to say: your kindnesses have been so very welcomed and received.

Thank You. You’re a blessing to me! Happy 2020 – let’s make it an AMAZING year!

In Christ’s Unfailing Love,