Deacon Brown's Daughters Poster

Deacon Brown’s Daughters Poster

Deacon Brown’s Daughters is FINALLY available to the public on Amazon. Here is the official link, y’all.

Whew! Y’all just don’t know…we went down to the wire with the timing of this release, and we got an intervention right when we needed it to meet our deadline.

We were planning to release tonight at midnight, but up until just this very afternoon, we saw this on the video processing screen:


We were like: Oh. No. This cannot be happening! They cannot be saying that this movie will not come out on time! We had tried to call them earlier this week because the time was winding down, but because they aren’t taking phone calls (due to the backlog) all we could do was email. That was NOT a good sign. But we moved forward with plans, praying that things would work out. And they did – THANKS BE UNTO GOD! This whole entire project has been a testament to His faithfulness.

Well, I have to go right now. Right now, I think everybody I know and their momma is watching it. People are texting me, tagging me, inboxing me about scenes – I’m so excited for the message and for the support and for the fun of finally being able to share this with you all.

I hope you’ll enjoy it, too!


P.S. It’s also my birthday. So, if you wanna give me something, check out the movie!