frontcoverbook1Get in the Word For Real – Volume 1

Ever been envious of people who have a close relationship with God?You can see it in their faces despite what’s happening in their lives. They’re not wearing fake, Hollywood smiles. They might not be smiling at all. They just BE peaceful, joyful, and stable, and they’re quick to tell you that their relationship with God is the source of it all.

That should be YOU, too!

And this book could be the start of it. Grab your favorite Bible, a pen or pencil, and get in the Word for real. This 30-day journal style devotional gives you a dedicated place to explore specific passages of Scripture, paraphrase the Word, and communicate with God through journaling

Then you get to explore how those same passages impacted the author. But don’t worry; it’s not like checking your answers. It’s more like sharing notes with a friend.

No more worrying about this mysterious “private time” or feeling guilty for not doing it. Discover the power in His Word that’s waiting for you!

frontcoveronlyWar Room StrategiesAvailable FREE in digital format, or order physical copy online.

Are your prayers being answered? Do you even know what to pray? Deep down inside, do you feel that prayer is too passive to really accomplish much? If these questions gave you pause, welcome to a new day! War Room Strategies offers a step-by-step, Bible-based approach to prayer that will revolutionize your prayer life! With the Holy Spirit as your ultimate Guide, you will learn to search the scriptures for wisdom as well as check your heart to address ungodly motives before developing a prayer that honors God and bring His Kingdom to bear on everything that deeply concerns you.

book1coverColoring the Scriptures Book 1: 24 Verses from the Bible You Can Color!










Coloring the Scriptures – Books 2: 24 Verses from the Bible You Can Color!




Married for Five Minutes: Hope for Living Inside Real-Life Marriages: A husband who won’t work. In-laws who let a nine-year-old watch inappropriate movies. A wife who’s been dishonest in bed.

Take a 5-minute peek inside real marriages facing challenges that threaten to blur the reflection of Christ that marriage was created to be. Bestselling fiction author Michelle Stimpson teams up with Shundria Riddick, a licensed therapist, to tackle issues rarely discussed but frequently experienced—even in Christian marriages.

Each chapter paints a fictionalized behind-the-scenes picture of scenarios the authors have encountered through mentoring/counseling women, followed by biblically and professionally sound commentary. Readers will be encouraged to know that all marriages have tough seasons, and some marriages are simply more difficult than others throughout their entirety. Nonetheless, we can find encouragement and wisdom from our Heavenly Father to live victoriously after “I do.”

Foreword by Chrystal Evans Hurst, Author of “Kingdom Woman.”

REAL21DayCoverThe 21-Day Publishing Plan (Updated 2016)

You’ve finished the manuscript. Now what? Do you get an ISBN? Ask your cousin to read it? Hire someone to sketch a cover? Before you spend a ridiculous amount of time, energy, and money trying to figure out the next steps, you must read this book!  

There’s a ton of information about independent e-publishing on the Internet. It can be hard to separate the junk from the gems and even more difficult to know whom to trust. Let’s face it: many people/companies will share just enough “free” information to convince us to sign up for an UNfree service. Not so here! The 21-Day Publishing Plan is a straightforward, no-nonsense plan for learning the industry, contracting with professionals, preparing your manuscript for publishing, and setting up your book’s promotional plan.

Written by a full-time novelist who has experienced success as a traditionally and independently published writer, this book gives insider tips through the eyes of one who has weighed the options and seen the best of both worlds. With Michelle’s tried and true plan, you’ll go from first draft to first sale in three weeks or less. Order Online Now!

smallUncSenseUncommon Sense

Is it possible that life in Christ isn’t “working” for many believers because they are still trying to operate according to the world’s system?

In this straightforward weapon of mass victory, author Michelle Stimpson exposes widely accepted beliefs that pose as “common sense” but actually contradict the gospel of Christ.

Order Online Now




LTCFinalCoverLeaving the Classroom

Not everyone with a gift for teaching and/or a heart for impacting the future was meant to teach in a traditional classroom. Fortunately, with changes in technology and employers hungry for the skills that teachers hone through their everyday routines, educators who wish to exit the classroom now have viable, fulfilling options for alternative employment.

If you’ve honestly lost the will to return to your classroom and deal with your particular set of circumstances, it’s important for you—and perhaps more important for students—that you settle down with this short book and think through your options. After reading the author’s perspective, you may find that teaching in the classroom is still the best fit for you. Or not. Either way, you’ll have some guidance for your next steps toward fulfillment in your chosen career.     Order Online Now

dimwgcoverDid I Marry the Wrong Guy?

What wife hasn’t second-guessed herself after a heated discussion or yet another curious incident of the missing remote control? In addition to the title’s question, this book discusses those unspoken thoughts lurking in the back of even Christian women’s minds, such as: • We’ve Grown Apart • I’m Just Not That Into Sex • I Miss the Thrill of Being Single • I Love My Husband, but I’m Not In Love • Watching My Parents Probably Messed Me Up While these silent ponderings might seem harmless, they have the potential to create a negative undercurrent of resentment if not specifically addressed in prayer. Stimpson tackles tough questions about wifehood in this short, humorous book of wisdom for the not-so-in-love-with-my-husband days. Order Online Now

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