Boaz Brown (2 book series)

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“Sassy…refreshingly forthright…an excellent reading group selection.” -Library Journal (Starred Review)

“Thought-provoking…offers lessons for all” -Publisher’s Weekly

“Powerful…stylishly written…delivers hard questions in a tightly wrapped package of complex relationships, power struggles, and heart-melting romance.” -Romantic Times Bookclub Magazine (4.5 stars)



From Book 1: Right man…wrong color?
LaShondra has done the work on herself first. She’s gotten her education and, more importantly, developed a strong relationship with Christ. Now, she’s ready for a man—but not just any man. She wants a Boaz, a godly man…who’s gainfully employed…and it would hurt if he looked good, too. God answers with three out of three, but there’s a twist: her perfect man, Stelson Brown, isn’t African-American.

While LaShondra’s parents are happy about her professional success, they’re chomping at the bit for her to get married. Her father (who wouldn’t even let her bring her white friends home from school) and her mother (who’s gets word about the white man through the church folk grapevine) will have more than a few words for her when they find out—if LaShondra ever gets around to telling her family and friends about Stelson.

The racial climate at LaShondra’s job isn’t helping the situation. LaShondra suspects that the principal is buffering grades for certain students. Can she keep her integrity while keeping her job as vice principal?

Boaz Brown is the first novel of bestselling novelist Michelle Stimpson. In essence, it launched her career as a writer and is still one of her best-loved works.

4 reviews for Boaz Brown (2 book series)

  1. Sunnygirl

    I also enjoyed the conversational style that the ‘sisters’ used when together …

    I had to read this book in only two sittings. I found the story almost riveting. I usually don’t read these types of books, choosing to focus on historical non-fiction. But after reading the reviews for this book, I chose to purchase it for my Kindle because my sister (white) married a black guy almost 30 years ago (yes, they are still married!) I have to hand it to the author for being real regarding the stereotyping that exists in the world, both black and white. I also enjoyed the conversational style that the ‘sisters’ used when together and talking about white folks.

    But what I enjoyed the most was the realistic portrayal of the heroine, LaShonda, because she was a Spirit-filled woman who lived out her Christianity in a way similar to my own life. That made it relevant for me.

    However, I thought her Boaz was Stelson Brown until somewhere about 75% through the book, I saw ‘Stetson’ used about three times in a chapter. Clearly this was an editing mistake! Then we saw him referred to again as Stelson. Someone, PLEASE correct this for future readers! This guy was charming, sexy, a hot dresser, and a successful engineer, and his name is —- Stelson? OK, I thought, I’ll try and wrap my head around this. But when I read that Stetson was as sexy as his name implied, I thought, hey, what gives here? Then in the next few paragraphs he was Stetson, then back to Stelson the remainder of the book. Make up your mind, what is the guy’s name???

    Other than that, it was a most enjoyable read. A recommend, and if you are a Christian woman who has ever been single waiting for your Mr. Right, a MUST READ.

  2. O. Merce Brown

    Loved this book—buy it!


    I highly recommend “Boaz Brown”. It is a well-written, entertaining, and a very REAL novel that will appeal to Christians and non-Christians alike. The novel is written from the perspective of a single black Christian woman. Although I am married and white, I loved every moment of reading it and identified with the protagonist. As she discovers her prejudice against white people, I found myself discovering how I too am prejudiced towards different types of people, and how, if we are Christians, this is not truly being Christ-like.

    The book helped me to understand the African American culture more, and to see why, understandably, many black people grow up in modern times disliking white people. I never really understood this before…the author helped you to really feel for the characters and to see how they developed their feelings and beliefs.

    I am not a reader of romance novels because I do not enjoy them, but the story was still very appealing to me. It was a romance in a way, but even more was a story about how trust develops between two people. This I found fascinating.

    The characters were not perfect, but very real–saying, doing, and thinking things common to us all–but things we may not always want to own up to. In this way, the novel was very honest.

    The story included real people praying and living authentic Christian lives. However, this was done in a way that I could not imagine it offending people who were not Christians. It might give people of other faiths or people not interested in any faith insight into how real Christians live and think and behave. I have read books featuring characters of other faiths that presented them in this way and thoroughly enjoyed them; I think others would enjoy “Boaz Brown” in the same way.

    I am so glad I purchased this book in hardback, and feel like it is well worth the money to do so.


  3. Kindle Customer

    Inspirational and emotional ✍

    I took my time to read the book, I enjoyed each and every word. The characters faced each issue by trusting in God’s infinite love and direction.

  4. K.E. and READING


    GREAT STORY!! I would recommend for all young women. This is a story of true love through the love of God; not the love of the world. When you live life God’s way, He will give you your heart’s desire. It doesn’t mean live will be easy in all situations, but He will see you through. Young women, as you search for your husband, remember one thing, you can’t hurry God. If you ask Him to send the husband you want; your life partner, then wait for Him to send the man. Don’t try to assist God in His work; we are mere mortals, who must depend on a heavenly Father!!

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