Magnolia Gardens (3 book series)

Embark on a heartwarming journey with the Magnolia Gardens series by bestselling authors Michelle Stimpson & CaSandra McLaughlin. Witness the transformative story of Frenchetta Davenport, who, after years of living for others, decides to seek happiness for herself, igniting a wave of change in her family dynamics. Set in the vibrant community of Magnolia Gardens, this series unfolds the trials, triumphs, and the rich mosaic of relationships among its lively senior characters. From the challenges of family estrangement to the joys of rediscovered purpose, each book in the series explores the depths of faith, forgiveness, and the late-life quest for personal fulfillment. Join Frenchetta and the endearing residents of Magnolia Gardens as they navigate the complexities of family, friendship, and faith with grace, humor, and a touch of wisdom.

Books in Series:
  • Step of Faith (Magnolia Gardens Book 1)
  • Hope for Tomorrow (Magnolia Gardens Book 2)
  • Joy for the Journey (Magnolia Gardens Book 3)
  • Buddy and the Virus (Magnolia Gardens Book 4, Short Story)



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